For Daiya Cattiva, turning eighteen is a nightmare come true. Once she Awakens, her body will no longer be her own, and she will thirst for physical connection—need it to survive. But the bond is only temporary, and Daiya will be forced to satiate the demon inside her, time and time again. For that is the burden of the Lilituria.
But Daiya doesn’t want to hurt anyone—especially not the cute guy in class, with his annoying charm and fervent persistence. Staying away from Kai Stanton is the smart thing to do. The only choice she has. But when she loses control and kisses him, everything changes, and Daiya knows their connection is deeper than just fleeting lust.
Determined to uncover the truth, Daiya finds herself at the heart of an ancient prophecy that could alter the balance of good and evil forever.
She was never supposed to fall in love, but their love will change everything.
Book #1 in a brand new mature YA / NA paranormal romance series.
Suitable for readers 17+
About the Author
Grace White is author of the upcoming ‘Lilituria Prophecy Series’, a mature YA / NA paranormal romance.
She resides in the UK with her family and enjoys reading, binge watching series on her Amazon Firestick, and losing herself in a good book.
This was reviewed by Rox
Awaken is a YA / NA paranormal romance and is the debut novel as well as Book 1 in the Lilituria Prophecy Series’ by Grace White. I absolutely loved how this story brought out all the feels and memories of falling in love for the first time. Being young and in love is so special, it’s a shame we don’t get to feel the fire and those butterflies all the time.

Remember how you felt when your eyes fell on that one special person when you were young. How the butterflies fluttered, your heart pattered, and your breath hitched? Awaken will do exactly that for you – it will whisk you away and remind you of all the little pleasures, all the feelings, the heat, the intensity that comes with a new relationship. Sadly, these things are sometimes lost on us when we grow comfortable in our relationship and it was very eye opening to follow Daiya and Kai on their journey. I loved being reminded of what new love feels like.

Being a more ‘mature’ reader, I don’t often relate to the YA genre but the Blurb for this book called to me and I’m so glad I got to experience this story. I was intrigued by the paranormal side to this story and I was not disappointed. It is not the typical paranormal theme that I have read before, so I found it very interesting to read and to learn about the Liliturian women. You will not find any vampires or shifters here. Awaken features half-human/half-demon women who feed their hunger through sex. The fight between good and evil is the underlying theme of the story and I am on edge waiting to finish this Series. The evil reminded me of the Dementors from Harry Potter – I got those same chills when the Dei Venatores were introduced. The good is just pure, innocent, young love and you can’t help but hope for an HEA and that good wins out over evil. The author has thrown in enough ‘real-life’ references to have you considering the possibilities of there being some truth to the ideas.

Daiya struggles with her destiny and pushes her inner demon away as best she can. She embraces her human side and does not want to follow the path of all the Liliturian women before her and she definitely does not want to hurt anyone. She struggles with trying to separate her true feelings for the pull of the demon. When she lays eyes on Kai for the first time, she can feel the pull, but what is it? Why is there such a connection? As a Liliturian, she shouldn’t feel attraction, only lust. What can this mean? She knows that she will do everything in her power to ensure Kai is safe.

I never wanted to put this book down. It is a perfect mix of romance, questions and theories, and paranormal. I was drawn to Daiya and Kai’s relationship and the puzzle pieces that Daiya is slowing putting together to hopefully save herself from a life she doesn’t want and to save Kai from possible death. Daiya seems wise beyond her years, as does Kai. They are not your average teenagers full of uncontrollable sexual urges. They know how to savour the pull of their connection and make the chase last and the author gives us just enough sexual tension to keep us coming back for more.

This book is written in the POV of Daiya but gives us some insight into Kai’s POV here and there.
It’s a shorter book and an easy read, but be forewarned – there is an enormous cliff hanger but it is an awesome one. I’m now totally stalking the author’s social media pages looking for any word on Book 2 – Allure. You can be sure, if you enjoy Awaken, you will be counting the days until Allure is available.