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Satori is desperate to win back his ex girlfriend, Star. He tries to summon a demon to command its help, but manages to bring Lilith, queen of the demons, into his bedroom, unleashing her on Earth. Lilith seduces Star and takes her on a wild murder spree that culminates in Scotland. Can Satori save Star and himself or will Lilith destroy them both? With stunning art by Anna Prashkovich, this graphic novel adaptation of Carmilla Voiez’s novel Starblood is a treat for mature audiences. 18+. Includes some nudity.
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Carmilla Voiez is a new voice in the world of horror and dark fantasy. Her imagery harks back to the writings of Clive Barker and H P Lovecraft, but her voice is uniquely female. A varied diet of feminism and activism, a deep love of horror and a fascination with the Goth aesthetic created the creature of darkness we find today. Her books are both extraordinarily personal and universally challenging. As Jef Rouner of Houston Press once said – “You do not read her books, you survive them.”

Carmilla lives in North East Scotland and finds inspiration in the wildlife, castles and desolate places that surround her. She lives with her two children, cats, and a poet, by the sea.

Carmilla’s short stories can be found in a number of anthologies, including “Slice Girls”, “Klarissa Dreams” and “Hope and Love Anthology”. Her novels “The Ballerina and the Revolutionary” and “The Starblood Trilogy” are available for Kindle and in paperback. The Starblood graphic novel with art by Anna Prashkovich is due out on Sep 30 and the team have already started work on Psychonaut the graphic novel. A complete collection of her short stories “Broken Mirror and Other Morbid Tales” is due to follow in 2017. Carmilla Voiez also writes erotica and a collection of these stories is available for Kindle.

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Reviewed by Queens Of the Darkside


So this is the first graphic novel I have ever read so I don’t really have anything to go on. I can however say that I was pleased with the book and how into I got! I assumed it would be like a comic which it is in a sense but the saying ‘a picture says a thousand words’ comes into play with this book. It’s detailing is fabulous considering there are not many words and graphics have been tastefully done!

The thing I loved the most is that your imagination can wild! And the story is yours for however you decide to portray the pictures in between the words.

I think the author has done a fabulous job of putting this together and to be honest it was a perfect introduction into graphic novels.

I honestly can’t wait to see what else comes from this author and will most definitely be keeping an eye out for further works.

Thank you for the opportunity.