Born in Illinois, Donna Fuller has lived in a variety of
places and currently resides in Butler, Pennsylvania. At times she feels like a
ping pong ball—bouncing from coast to coast and back again. Her grandchildren
bring her the greatest joy. She has always been involved in writing, from
journals to plays for Cub Scouts, to short stories for her children and as a
reporter for a small newspaper. Donna has won awards for her writing
and has also taught in writing workshops and retreats. She is the co-founder of
the annual OHPA Writer’s Retreat in Western Pennsylvania. Her novels
include A Strand of Doubt and CodeName Scorpion.


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When Trevor Willis offers Dani Carpenter her dream
job as director of a new camp for children, she is thrilled. Dani intends to
keep Trevor, a family friend, at arm’s length. But her heart changes toward him
as they team up to protect Ady, the young daughter of a kidnapped scientist. 
After Trevor testifies against the son of Don Francisco Morales, a major
supplier of heroin into the United States, Morales (aka the Scorpion)
targets Trevor in a personal vendetta to destroy his reputation and then destroy
everyone Trevor loves. 
With Ady tucked away in a secure location, Dani and
Trevor embark on a chase that takes them from the forests of the Pacific
Northwest to the jungles of Mexico. They must stop
the Scorpion before he strikes again.


2 Snippets:
            A bang shook the plane, startling Dani out of her
slumber. Trevor dropped the water bottle and fought to control the pitching
aircraft. The famous words of Apollo 13 commander, James Lovell, replayed
through his mind: Houston, we have a problem.
            “Dani, grab the radio,” Trevor said through clenched
            She fumbled with the microphone. “Got it.”
            “Call in a Mayday.”


            She shouted into the microphone, “Mayday, Mayday! We’re
going down. Mayday, Mayday.” Dani’s terror echoed his own. “It’s dead, Trevor.
The radio’s dead!”
Jared led Dani away, Trevor turned around once. He could barely resist the
urge—no, the instinct—to take her and run far away from Morales. Trevor shook
his head. We’ll never be safe until he rots in prison.
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